Premium Green Grains Cracked Freekeh 1.36kg

Premium Green Grains Cracked Freekeh 1.36kg

  • $14.99

non gmo. no presevatives.

Freekeh is a delicious whole grain that’s picked when young and at its peak of taste and nutrition.

Popular throughout the Middle East for centuries, Freekeh gets its name from the fire-roasting process that gives it a delightful nutty taste and satisfying crunch. Because the wheat grain is picked while still green, it has more minerals and vitamins than mature wheat and 4X the fibre of brown rice.

You can trust Premium Green Grains™ to deliver superior quality, flavour and health benefits. Our brand of Greenwheat Freekeh™ comes directly from Australia, where the natural drying and roasting technology ensures consistent texture and a delightful flavour. Plus, over 17 years of clinical studies on our product consistently show it’s the healthiest brand on the market.

Higher in protein, vitamins and minerals than mature grains, Greenwheat Freekeh™ can help in weight loss, managing diabetes, and diminishing the risk of some cancers.  It is also more easily tolerated by those with wheat sensitivities.